A storyteller and budding writer of children’s books, Melanie was born in California, but has been a Coloradan since the age of four. Some of her first memories involve playing “school,” while acting out the role of teacher in a circle of dolls and younger sisters. Naturally, she grew up and became a real teacher, finding, happily, that her knack for inventing poems and songs could be used to help kids learn.

While living with her husband and two children for a spell in England, Melanie developed a friendly relationship with spiders. She discovered that old stone cottages have an infinite number of nooks and crannies … and critters who scurry between! She now resides in Lakewood with her husband, in a house encircled by silver maple trees. Just down the hill stretches the Bear Creek Trail, an additional source of writing inspiration.

Melanie thrives on writing and her affiliation with Spellbinders®, a volunteer storytelling organization. Accompanied by puppets and Native American flutes, she brings the magic of traditional tales to Littleton first graders every month of the school year. Equally special are the snuggly story-times she shares with her twin granddaughters, Elly and Kaia, during visits to North Carolina.

Melanie is proud to bear the name Claire, passed down from her mother and grandmother, who inspired her passions for writing poetry and lifelong learning. She credits her father for her love of delighting children with a good yarn, and thanks her two kids and husband for tolerating her groan-worthy puns.