Melanie Eulberg

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Sylvana Takes a Spin


Sylvana Takes a Spin

Sylvana Takes a Spin is the story of a “scaredy-spider” who, encouraged by other woodland creatures, confronts her timid nature. Poised hesitantly on the branch of a silver maple, will she throw caution to the wind and take a brave step into the unknown?

Winner of 2017 CIPA EVVY awards for Children's Picture Books and Children's Illustration


Melanie Claire Blinn Eulberg, a storyteller and former teacher, first became friendly with spiders while living for a spell in England, where she discovered that old stone cottages have an infinite number of nooks and crannies … and critters who scurry between!

A longtime Coloradan, she now resides in Lakewood with her husband, in a house encircled by silver maple trees.